Rentacar Moskenes - Sakrisøy Used Car Rental
Carl Fredrik Gylseth
8390 REINE
Mob.: (+47) 975 20 088
Org. no. 988 009 431

Types of car available: various sizes, manual r automatic gear
Prices depend on type of vehicle and are avaialble on request.

Free mileage. Cars may only be used within the borders of Lofoten. Anyone wishing to take the car beyond Lofotens borders must first consult with the owners. If no agreement is made, the user will be responsible for transporting the car back to Lofoten, e.g. in the event of an accident or breakdown.

Cars are to be collected at and returned to Moskenes (50 m from ferry docks).
Cars can also be picked up and returned in Leknes for an extra charge of NOK 1000.

The car will be handed over with a full fuel tank, and must be returned likewise.

Any damage to the car caused by the customer will require an additional payment of
NOK 10.000, to cover the insurance penalty.

If cars are returned late, an extra charge of NOK 100 an hour will be payable in cases where the owners are given notice by the end of the agreed rental period. In the opposite case, a new day's rental will be payable one hour after the agreed return time.

Maps of Lofoten are available from our offices.

Child or baby seats are availalbe but must be ordered in advance.

The Lofoten roads are narrow and winding. The traffic is heavy, and quite a few  bus and mobile home drivers are foreigners - and hence unfamiliar with the local driving conditions.
Keep well to the right, drive defensively, and always keep an eye on the mirror and the traffic behind you!
Use the meeting points to enable those behind you, as well as those approaching you, to pass.
Please keep in mind that not everybody in Lofoten is a tourist! Some of us are natives, and are using the road in order to get to work in time....

Do you want to take photographs? Give a proper signal, pull over to the right at a lay-by or a place where where you can drive well off the road.

Have a pleasant trip - and welcome back!

Enquiries: Please call +47 975 20 088. We are very busy during the summer, so please contact us by telephone. Thank you.

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